Proven Health Benefits from Aquariums

Published: 20th November 2006
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Proven Health Benefits from Aquariums

Frenetic lifestyles have become the norm in today's society. Eight hour work days are becoming atypical in the corporate world. With fast paced lifestyles comes increased stress. What is a good way to appease stressors?

A confirmed method for soothing stress is to stare serenely into an aquarium. The calming sound and the peaceful motion of its inhabitants have proven to lower blood pressure and calm nerves. Studies have confirmed that watching aquarium fish soothes children that suffer from hyperactivity. Dental patients who were allowed to view an aquarium prior to treatment experienced the same benefits as patients who underwent hypnosis. They also required less pain medication after having watched aquarium fish in the office prior to treatment. Studies have also shown that patients with Alzheimer's experience health benefits from viewing aquarium fish.

The evident benefits of aquariums have sparked a trend in aquarium purchases for schools, doctor's offices, and large corporations. The addition of an aquarium creates a serene environment that calms school aged children and increases productivity and creative thinking among corporate executives.

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